Self-Direct Learning with online platforms

As a netizen, we have been questioning about what kind of education is best for ourselve, since we know that the way to reach our own success is different comparing with the past. Therefore, we should think deeper about the change of life long education and what actions we need to take in this circustance.

30% of the Skills will be Replaced in Each Industry

Things that we need to learn is quite different comparing with the past, and so does the way we learn.
According to the report “The Future of Jobs” of World Econic Forum, average skills stability is less than 65% in each industires(shown as the graph below), which indicates the growing demand of training ourselves for new skills and knowledge.

With the trend of knowledge-based economy, the focus of training for our career has shifted from training required skills and knowledge to facilitating the understanding of the content and context of the organizational task-specific situation, and provide an increased ability to use the information to solve problems in the workplace.(Martocchio & Baldwin 1997)

As a result, we need to quickly adapt ourselves for the skill and knowledge to solve problems, and self-direct learning is a good approach of it.

What is self-direct learning?

Self-direct learning is a kind of learning process that enable individuals to design their own learning journey and reach their own goal.

There are many definition of self-direct learning from different researcher, but the content is quite similiar.
Knowles describes self‑directed learning for 5 steps: [1]

  1. Diagnosis the need of learning
  2. Initiate the learning goals
  3. Ensure the resource needed for learning
  4. Choose and execute proper learning startegies
  5. Evaluate the learning result

It is a kind of loop that every self-direct learner need to progress with, and many studies have indicated that the self-direct learner learns better than passive learner for the reasons belows:

  • Clearity of goals and motivation
  • Self-direct learning fits the mental learning process more
  • Taking the responsibility of learning leads us be more mature

Therefore, we should find some ways and resource to boost self-drect learning, and find some resources like oneline platform is the top choice nowadays.

How can platform contribute to self-direct learning?

There are several types of online platform, some of them help us to maintain habits, some of them provide us with plenty of online courses etc. These features can booste the process of becoming a self-direct learner.

When it comes to online platform, people may think of platforms like coursera and khan academy, which is like an online high school or online college.  As the indusrty of online learning gets bigger, there’re some platforms have features which perfectly fits the needs of becoming self-direct learner.

For taking courses, you can take coursera as your first attempt, since they have plenty of free courses
Here is the introduction video from their Youtube channel.

For taking notes, you can try notions as a tool to faciliate your learning journey
Let’s see how Thomas introduces this powerful app.

Get Prepared for Your Journey!

After you have tried the two examples I mentioned above, you can start to think more about:

  • What kind of coueses you need?
  • What is the goal of your self-direct learning?

And I will write some articles to recommend some platforms, books and tools which are related to these topics in the future:)

Let’s create a wonderful learning journey together!

[1]M.S. Knowles, “Self-Directed Learning”, A Guide for Learners and Teachers. (N.Y.  Cambridge Books 1975) p.18

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  1. Good message here. I agree that the world is changing rapidly and the jobs of yesteryear are going to steadily evaporate. Not only that, but the new job market is going to change rapidly, in order to keep up and stay in the game, ongoing education is going to be required. Looking forward to see what resources you recommend

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