Speed Reading tips — Essential skill to Learn

Many of us have heard of the idea of speed reading, and maybe some of us have already known some principles. However, the most difficult part of it is to put into practice, so I will share my experience of practicing it and how to keep myself motivated.

For beginners, here are the principle of speed reading:

  • Read Actively
    • Set up learning goal and time limits, in order to:
      • fit the best condition for operation of our brain
    • Ask question to yourself all the time, in order to:
      • organize information
      • enhance attention
      • keep ourselves be motivated
      • help to memorize information.
  • Read by meaning unit not reading by words
    • Our brain receive information by word chunk, not the each of the pronunciation
    • Adjust our visual movement to read faster

My experience of Practicing Speed Reading

Phase 1—Start to know how to do it

In this phase, you may not know how to do the speed reading, so the following part are some exercise that you can put the principles into practice.

  • 1st exercise— Use your finger or pen to guide visual movement, and get used to it, so that you can make yourself to broaden your vision and read by word chunk.
  • 2nd exercise—Try to expend your vision to read more in each glance, and read the information for half of a line in each glance.
  • 3rd exercise—Read an article for 3 minutes. After that, try to read the paragraph that you have already read in the previous 3 minutes with only 2 minutes. Practice it until you can reach this goal.
  • 4th exercise—Read the paragraph that you have already read in the previous 2 minutes with only 1 minute. Practice it until you can reach this goal.
  • Send one week to practice the 3rd and 4th exercise, and remember to guide visual movement with your finger or pen.

(The method that I put into practice in Phase 1 is based on the instruction of a famous German book[1].)

Phase 2—Get used to it

In phase 2, you may have know how to do the speed reading, but sometimes you will still forget to use it. Therefore, here are some suggestion for getting used to it.

  • 1st, set up your reading goal for both weekly and daily basis.
    • Before you start to read, remember to set a time limit for yourself, so that you will read more actively.
    • What gets measured gets managed— if you set up a goal for a period, you can review the whole process to see how to improve in next period.
  • 2nd, list down how many pages you have read every day.
    • If you do the record every day. you will keep yourself motivated by the numbers you have reached.
    • It is OK for us to read less sometimes, just remember to keep the record even if we fail to read in some days. The true failure is not keeping the record.
  • To get a habit of doing speed reading, it normally takes 2 months. If you are interested in habit, the book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” is highly recommended.

Phase 3—Apply Speed Reading in Our Daily Life

In this phase, you may be used to speed reading, however, if you want to keep it as a life long habit, you need to apply it into your daily life.

a. Building Relationship

Speed reading has long been a course in the Business Department of Harvard University, and former presidents in USA, Richard Milhous Nixon and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, are all experts in speed reading.

Many studies have shown that many rich people read at least 20 professional books every year, and lots of leaders read a lot and fast. Due to the high amount of knowledge and information, they know how to connect with others in both business and private relationship.

Take the former president of USA, Roosevelt, for example. Every time when he needs to meet up with others, he will investigate what topic that person like? and also spend less than 1 hour to read a book which is related to the topic.

b. Acquire High Reading Comprehension

Besides saving more time to read, it is also an important skill to learn deeper. If we acquired the speed reading skill, the higher reading comprehension will we have, since we will train this ability with the training of speed reading.

Share your idea with us

After reading the above paragraph or even put the suggestion into practice, do you have anything that is wanted to be discussed with? What kind of books are good for speed reading? What kind of books are not? (maybe Math is not a good option?)

Your reply will be the greatest motivation for me to write more content with you, and it can also help everyone to learn this topic better.

Let’s create a wonderful learning to journey together!



[1]Garantiert erfolgreich lernen – Wie Sie Ihre Lese- und Lernfahigkeit steigern

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  1. The wife is pretty good at speed reading as she reads more books than me.

    I am sort of ok but feel if I go too fast I can’t absorb the information as good.

    I guess its all down to practice.

    Thanks for sharing

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